at Las Perlas & Seven Grand ATX
Safety is the name of the game here. Below you’ll see how we’re making sure our space upholds the requirements set out by the state of Texas and makes sure that we’re keeping the people we care about: you, our staff, and loved ones healthy. 
  • MASK IT UP. Please pick out your favorite mask covering and wear it proudly when entering, exiting, and moving through the indoor and outdoor space. Really get into that old school cowboy robber vibe and thanks for helping keep us and those around you protected! 
  • GIVE EVERYONE THEIR 6 FEET. When entering, exiting, or walking through the space, give everyone about 6 and half bottles of Jack Daniels’ worth of distance. 
  • HIT UP THAT HAND SANITIZER. We have pumps stationed around the space for your convenience and safety. 
  • STICK WITH THE CREW YOU ROLLED IN WITH. That’s not to say you can’t buy a round of Bandera shots for the group across the room. 
  • ORDER AT THE DESIGNATED BAR TOP STATIONS. When you have your group's drink order ready, send no more than two from your party up to the designated waiting area and wait for the bartender to invite you to approach the bar. All drink orders will be placed at the bar top at the protected service areas by masked barkeeps that will handle your payment with gloves and then make your order with sanitized hands! 
  • REACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH SOME OLD PALS. You’ll have digital access to cocktail menus as well as the Whiskey and Mezcal Bibles via QR codes we will provide to peruse all of our selections on offer. Upon request, we will provide you with a  non-reusable paper menu outlining should you absolutely need one. It won’t have all of the stuff we have, because, man, that would be a lot of printer paper, but as always our staff will be happy to recommend some good sips if you let us know what you’re in the mood for. We’re excited to see what you’ve been missing!
  • MAKE A RESERVATION and make your mama proud by being punctual. We’re trying our best to avoid large groups congregating, so it’s important for us to stagger service. If you arrive on time, that will make things muuuuuch smoother. 
  • ENTER THROUGH SEVEN GRAND. Even if you’re only looking to dip into the world of mezcal, we will be offering all of the options out of Seven Grand and our back patio weather permitting. 
  • BRING PLASTIC. We are going card only for payments for the time being to minimize handling cash money. Thanks for your understanding!
  • HAVE FUN. We’re so excited to welcome you back into our humble bar. 
  • Let us know what we can be doing better. We appreciate you helping us to re-open our doors to you in the best way for all of us in these strange times!